Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning is the conversion of paper documents into digital images, which can be stored on computers for easy access. By managing documents digitally businesses can benefit from reduction in storage space, easy and rapid retrieval of information, efficiency in information sharing as well as access to detailed and accurate information.



For the document Scanning process we follow a proven methodology that includes a well defined process control component. A well defined process control ensures the accurate implementation of each task from beginning to end and the quality of the final output. The major steps in this process are


The primary goal of the preparation phase is to maintain the integrity of documents based on predetermined standards. These standards specify the requirements and procedures for preparing and organizing all documents in order to increase scan quality and productivity. Some of the tasks in this phase include sorting of document, disassembling attached or stapled document groups, fixing torn documents, make copies to increase quality or to resize documents.


In the scanning phase, the electronic images of the documents are captured and stored by scanning the documents using high speed scanners. The scan operator is responsible of the production of high quality scans from the documents that are prepared in the earlier phase. Production of high quality scans requires reviewing the scanned output and electronically enhancing readability, resizing, trimming and even rescanning.


After they are scanned and stored in digital form, documents are also indexed using manual entry and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies. Accurate indexing is required for efficient retrieval of digital documents from digital storage media.

Quality Assurance

The main function of the Quality Assurance process is to examine all digitally scanned documents and their indexes. Individuals responsible of QA go through all documents to see if they are complete and legible. All indexes created on these documents are also checked for their accuracy.

Creation of final output
Once all documents are verified and pass the quality assurance phase, they will be stored on final digital media of the client’s preference complete with their indexes. At the end of the process all paper documents will be returned in their original form.

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